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    Albert Einstein

Wanted: Brand Representatives

We are looking for professional partners who see the business opportunities of our brand and innovative product range.


You are a wholesaler with experience and network of CBD products in your country and market. You don’t have to be a big company. You see the potential of our Brand and our product range (patches) and see that this can give you a big advantage. As a Sales Representative of PuroCuro in your country you are responsible for the tasks of a wholesaler like: sales, promotion, distribution, regulation and stock.


We also have a interesting margin for our wholesalers and for your customers (retailers).

Our support

We support you with the following:
- PuroCuro brand, corporate identity & product range (patches: 8/16/32/64)
- PuroCuro packaging & promotion material in your language
- Branding & product website in your language
- Interested retailers we refer to you (leadgeneration)


As a Brand Representative you don't have to invest. We don’t charge you for translation, packaging, designing, promotion material and websites, this is our investment in you.


If you are interested, just fill in the form below and we get in contact with you.

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