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    "Look deep into nature then you will understand everything better"

    Albert Einstein
  • Hemp/CBD patches
  • Hemp/CBD patches

    These patches are made from hemp extract with CBD by cold extraction method and obtained through a natural solvent (menstruum, no alcohol). This pure extract contains a very broad phytochemical spectrum and has a very high synergistic balance. These patches differ in composition and effect of our PURE CBD patches.
    • sample set: 8x 32mg + 8x 64mg (temporary promotion), 19,95
    • 32mg, box of 32 patches 29,95
    • 64mg, box of 32 patches 39,95
  • PURE CBD patches
  • PURE CBD patches

    These PREMIUM CBD patches consist of 100% CBD and contain 50mg CBD per patch.

    • sample set: 6x 25mg + 6x 50mg (temporary promotion), 24,95
    • 25mg, box of 30 patches 39,95
    • 50mg, box of 30 patches 49,95
  • Sleep patches
  • Sleep patches

    The PuroCuro sleep patch contains a blend of 10 natural sleep enhancing ingredients. The main ingredients are magnesium malate, potassium, zinc, and 5-HTP. Other natural supporting ingredients are Ashwaganda, Chamomille, Passion flower, Valerian, Hops and L-Theanine.
    • Sample set: 12x sleep patches 19,95 (temporary promotion)
    • box of 30 patches, price: 29,95
  • Reselling?
  • Reselling?

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